2020 was a difficult year for Lebanon, facing not just the COVID-19 pandemic but also revolution and unrest, an ongoing severe economic crisis, and in August the devastating blast in Beirut. In times of crisis, it is the most vulnerable in society who are hit hardest. The situation for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon has deteriorated dramatically.   

Over the past year, thanks to the help of our generous donors and supporters, This Is Lebanon has been able to respond positively to these crises and increase our capacity for providing assistance to vulnerable migrant domestic workers.

We have been able to;

  • Support 718 workers from 15 different countries,
  • Provide food, shelter, water, hygiene products, and financial aid to more than 160 migrant workers,
  • Help over 250 workers return home safely,
  • Purchase 108 flights to 8 different countries through our #SendUsHome campaign,
  • Purchase over 225 PCR tests to enable safe travel during the Covid-19 pandemic,
  • Facilitate the rescue of 60 migrant workers from abuse and negotiate 45 releases,
  • Set up a safe house with 2 dedicated full-time support workers and a volunteer team providing holistic support,
  • Negotiate with over 500 Agents and Employers
  • Co-ordinate with more than 5100 workers and their families, journalists, activists all with the aim of abolishing Kafala.

We are also proud to have collaborated with new and existing partners including those providing humanitarian assistance, legal advice, and repatriation.  

Where crisis looms, opportunities for solidarity emerge. We would not have been able to achieve any of this without you, our generous donors and supporters and on behalf of the entire TIL team and the migrant domestic workers we have assisted, Thank you. 

July 21, 2020

Vida’s employer started the conversation by saying, “F&#@ you!” They ended it by paying her full salary.

Dipendra Uprety of This Is Lebanon Marches for Labour Rights

Our Story

This Is Lebanon started to give a voice to domestic workers. Less than two years later we became the hotline for domestic workers in Lebanon.


We can only do our work by people like you. This is a fight that will only be possible with the help of many people for a long time. Join us in this fight.