Rodelyn Dollete is owed two months salary worth $600 by the Saniour Family


In September 2020, Rodelyn Dollete, a former Migrant Domestic Worker from The Philippines, contacted our casework team asking for help reclaiming unpaid salary from her former employers.

Whilst she was in Lebanon, Rodelyn worked for the Saniour family. When her contract was finished, Rodelyn decided she wanted to return home to be with her family and on August 2nd 2020 she left the Saniour’s house but was not paid her last two months wages.

We attempted to contact Nadine Saniour on behalf of Rodelyn to get a better understanding of the situation, but she was not willing to engage with us. Instead Ms Saniour’s lawyer contacted us, he said:

“[Rodelyn] cheated the office in Manila and the employer in Lebanon, she is very short and has health problems. This wasn’t mentioned in the contract and [Rodelyn] added fake photos to the CV.”

We asked Rodelyn about these accusations, she told us that she has no health issues at all and underwent a health screening before she arrived in Lebanon. Rodelyn also told us that she is 4’11” which is the average height for a Filipino woman. Rodelyn worked for the Saniour’s since 2018 so it makes little sense why this only became an issue after Rodelyn finished her contract.

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Nadine Saniour – Rodelyn’s former employer

Rodelyn has not heard anything further from her former employer Nadine Saniour. We hope that Ms. Saniour will do the right thing and pay their former employee the $600 salary she is still owed and we will keep this page updated if there are any developments in this case.

Unfortunately, Rodelyn is just one of many thousands of women who have suffered wage theft under the Kafala system and in the absence of any fair justice system in Lebanon, we will continue to fight for workers like her.

This is Kafala. This is Lebanon. 


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