Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

The Ghader family enslaved Adama for 8.5 months. She's cleaned the agent's house for 5 mths. Now he's going to deport her to a different country with $100.

Ghader Family with Ziad Zakka and Joseph Abou Issa at Best Maids Tortures and Enslaves Sierra Leonean Adama in Lebanons Kafala Crisis for Migrant Domestic Workers

We have had multiple complaints about the physical abuse administered by Joseph Zakhia at "Magic Maids." Dorcas is just one of his victims. She shares her story.

Joseph Zakhia Owner in Baalbeck of Magic Maids is a Serial Abuser of Young Women Trafficked As Domestic Workers in Lebanons Kafala

GB was raped by her employer, abused by her agent, and told to stay in her rapist's house by her Consul Michel Haddad.

Sexual Predator Mohammad Hamdan Abusive Monster Houssein Mroueh Jealous Madam Farida Qasem Negligent Consul Michel Haddad to Domestic Worker in Lebanons Kafala

Vida’s employer started the conversation by saying, “F&#@ you!” They ended it by paying her full salary.

Vida Akosua Tobias Thanks This Is Lebanon for Receiving Her Salary for Domestic Servitude and Forced Labour in Lebanons Kafala

Rita was in perfect mental health when she went to Lebanon. After 8 months of non-payment she got sick. She ran away to ask for help and got put in prison.

Natalie Bakhos Akiki Enslaves and Overworks Rita Duha to Mental Illness in Domestic Servitude of Lebanons Kafala

Tigist told her sister, ‘They are going to kill me. I don’t think I’ll make it out of here alive.’ And she was right.

Wael, Elias, Elias Milad and Leba Sa'ad Torture, Murder and Cover-up Tigist in Jounieh Lebanon Kafala


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