Cases of Kafala Abuse in Lebanon.

Sheik Haydar Hantouch Jawad, a Lebanese American, abused his domestic worker and owes her $23,000 in unpaid salary. She escaped from his house Oct, 19, 2019.

Sheikh Haydar Hantouch Jawad Abusers and Enslaves Melody Regalado in Lebanons Kafala

Sabah and Michelle Sabbagha beat Maria up, falsely accused her of theft and had her thrown in jail to avoid paying her salary. Wealth and power with impunity.

Sabah & Michelle Jumblatt are a Migrant Domestic Worker Slaveholders Abusers and Sexual Assaulter in Lebanon Kafala

Motunrayo was sent to 3 employers by Bilal Raya, Soft Power. None paid. Mohammad Abdallah sexually harassed her. His wife knew about it.

Bilal Raya, Soft Power Agency, Nigerian Embassy in Beirut and Mohamad Abdallah are all Abusive in Lebanese Kafala to Adetutu Motunrayo Adegoriola Victim of Sexual Assault

Hawa Tarrawaly, Sierra Leonean mother of 4, had an operation and has not been heard from since early March. Her family want to know if she is dead or alive.

Mahmoud tried to buy sexual services from Temitope. After she refused, things turned nasty culminating in bloody blows to her face.

Mahmoud Zahran and Feyzeh Diab and Rapists and Abusers in Lebanons Kafala Featured in Al Jazeera

Winnifred cared for Nabil and Hanan Mezher’s severely disabled daughter. In appreciation they accused her of stealing and refused to pay her 5 months’ salary.

Afif Butari Slavetrader and Abusive Agency and Nabil Mezher in Kafala's Lebanon


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