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Beirut today writes about kafala

October 8, 2020 | English

AlModon writes about Kafala Lebanon

October 8, 2020 | Arabic

"وقالت العاملة ميزيريت، التي باتت في إثيوبيا اليوم، أنها كلما كانت تطالب براتبها الشهري كان مستخدمها ينهال عليها بالضرب. وأعلنت الحركة القانونية الدولية أنها تقدمت بدعوى إلى محكمة الجنايات اللبنانية، موكلة عن ميزيريت، اليوم الخميس في 8 تشرين الأول، بدعوى خضوعها للعبودية وتهمة اتجار بالبشر، والتعذيب، والتمييز العنصري. وطلبت الجمعية من المحكمة محاسبة وكالة مكتب الاستقدام بهذه الجرائم السابقة."

SRF writes about Kafala Lebanon

October 8, 2020 | German

Hunderttausende Afrikanerinnen arbeiten im Nahen Osten als Hausangestellte – oft in sklavenartigen Verhältnissen.

Maat foundation writes about Kafala Lebanon

October 7, 2020 | English

#Unite_for_peace_in_lebanon Lebanon explosion, the economic crisis and outbreak of #Coronavirus intensify the suffering of migrant workers in Lebanon.

The New Arab Writes About Kafala

October 6, 2020 | English

In-depth: Lebanon's new labour agreement gives foreign domestic workers their basic rights, but activists remain cynical over its implementation.

BBC writes about Kafala Lebanon

October 5, 2020 | English

Two women talk to Kim Chakanetsa about their anti-racism campaigns in Lebanon and Netherlands and the emotional toll of speaking out.

The national news writes about kafala

October 5, 2020 | English

Lucie's lament helped to create a path home for herself and other women from Sierra Leone

Ethiosun writes about Kafala Lebanon

October 3, 2020 | English

A new investigation from Amnesty International has backed up previous reporting on the worsening, life-threatening treatment of Ethiopian migrants stranded in Saudi Arabia including prisoners who are chained in pairs, confined at all hours in a crowded detention center, forced to use an open floor as toilets, little medical care, beatings and several deaths.

Qantara writes about kafala

October 2, 2020 | English

Thousands of migrant workers from Africa are currently living in degrading conditions in detention centres in Arab countries. A human rights organisation has accused the Gulf States of racism that is "structured to perfection". By Bernd Dörries and Dunja Ramadan


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