Domestic workers who leave their jobs can no longer be accused of a crime. Here’s why that’s important

Verified A new General Security decision means employers may no longer file criminal complaints against migrant domestic workers who “run away,” but it only goes a small way toward dismantling the oppressive kafala system. @e.lewis96 explains why it’s important on

BEIRUT — Last week, Lebanese General Security issued a decision to no longer allow employers to file criminal complaints against migrant domestic workers for “running away” from their workplace.

It was hailed as a new victory in the fight against the kafala, or sponsorship, system that controls the relationship between employers and domestic workers. However, advocates say there is still a long way to go towards dismantling what many see as an oppressive system that deprives these workers — most of them women — of their rights and leaves them vulnerable to abuse.

Here’s what the decision means and how it fits into broader efforts to combat the abuse of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon.

English | February 19, 2021



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