Economy Post Beirut Blast

The unfortunate twin blasts in the port of Beirut on the 4th of August have left economic aftermath worse than the destruction caused by the blast. The Lebanon economy crisis has deepened. The sector vastly affected by this tragedy are the migrant workers, leaving thousands without a job and no clear route back home.

The International Organisation for Migration estimates around 24,500 migrants lost their jobs, homes, or were directly affected in other ways by the blasts. Lebanon’s migrant workers numbering around 400,000 hail from mainly Asian and African countries, the Philippines, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Bangladesh to name a few among other countries.

Amongst the various ways, the migrants got into Lebanon, leaving out illegal migration, The Kafala System, a sponsorship-based employment scheme used by many Middle East Countries is the most common way people migrate into Lebanon.

English | October 16, 2020



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